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If Castle should be moved, which day?



ABC is at a bit of a crossroads when it comes to its schedule. With Castle its only show that is at the stage of contract renewals and the state of its ratings, ABC is faced with a dilemma. Do you hope the ratings rebound (which they probably won’t) or do call it a day with season seven. And if you do that, do you move the show to another night to open up that Monday spot for a freshman show or move one of its weaker dramas to that coveted Monday night spot? If I was in charge of programing, I’d move Castle to Tuesdays at 10 p.m., Wednesday at 10 p.m. or even Thursdays at 8 p.m. All three of those spots ABC needs to have a strong performer. Castle is strong.

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Review: The Greater Good


Hard to get into but at least we saw Gates reunite with her sister

When myself, my husband and my dog Ike cuddled up in bed to watch Castle last night, we had high hopes for this episode. It was talked about being a Gates episode (about time) and how it would some insight into who she is as a person. But soon and surely enough, this episode spiraled into something that I can even begin to describe exactly what it was. Almost immediately, save for the really cute (and adorable), Dr. Seuss rhyme, the episode derailed into the great abyss known as the TV show boredom. There’s a reason why the ratings have dropped this season and it is because of the extreme focus and zeroing on Caskett and off the beaten path stories combined with feeble attempts to create and develop backstories for characters that should have been done since day one.

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Shut up already, it’s not the end of the world


I’d be happy to put you out of your misery if it’ll make you feel any better about your favorite show going on hiatus. But the law frowns upon that sort of thing.

When news broke over the weekend about how there’s going to be hiatus of about three weeks for Castle there was no shortage of diarrhea of the mouth from some fans. I can’t understand the logic or emotional instability of some folks crying about their favorite show going on hiatus for a few weeks. Are you all that self-centered and obnoxious? Have we come to this point where we have be completely arrogant fans over this? And stuff like this just annoys me to no end and I really hope this person seeks medical attention because it’s quite clear they are in need of professional help.
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