Why Katic will not get an Emmy for “Belly of the Beast”


Stana Katic was good in “Belly of the Beast” but is it really worth an Emmy? Her fans certainly seem to think so, and if you try to counter them expect to be run down with torches and pitchforks. That’s the danger of this fandom and it’s not just unique to the Castle fandom. It’s any show with a rampant following in which some fans center on a cast member as their “chosen favorite” and will defend them at any costs. And if you challenge them, they’ll attempt to make you cry uncle for your sins.

6x18_beckett_BELLY2TV awards show voters don’t focus on a single breadth of work. Instead, they focus on the complete whole over the course of the season as well as past performances. In other words, if Castle was a high-end drama with lots of dramatic stories that tested the abilities of actors and strengths of the writers, we might have a different outcome. The reality is, Castle is a mixture of romance-comedy-and-drama, making it very hard for voters to pinpoint exactly where an actor’s performance ranks.

There’s a reason why Mariska Harigtay received numerous Emmy nominations for her role as Detective Olivia Benson on Law and Order: SVU. Her work on the show is dramatic with lots of stories to choose from to prove why she’s nominated. For what it’s worth, Hargitay won two Emmys for that role and hasn’t been nominated in the Emmy category since 2011.

The impact of cable shows on the Emmy awards and superior dramatic work from other leading ladies has limited the pool for lead actors in crime dramas.

Katic, on the other hand, can only deal with the hand she’s been dealt. And if “In the Belly of the Beast” is the only hard-hitting dramatic performance they can deliver to her acting plate, than her chances of getting an Emmy nomination are remote. The show’s writing (standard boilerplate cop drama/political cover-up script format) and non-specific genre has limited her ability to receive any prestigious awards.

If she wasn’t nominated for “Kill Shot” which was more realistic and far superior to her performance in “The Belly of the Beast”, then she’s not going to get nominated here, either. Naturally, ABC will submit this episode but in the end the nomination committee will go with someone’s whose breadth of dramatic work encompasses an entire season and doesn’t rely upon on episode.


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