Networks tend renew shows they own


‘Castle’ is owned by ABC and that’s a good thing

Every year about this time, networks begin looking at their schedules and which shows they’ve ordered to pilot. They look to see what they can get rid of in order to make room for new shows. For CBS, America’s most watched TV network, it’s difficult because of the number of successful shows. That’s whey sometimes networks cut shows loose that are good performers—most recently, Unforgettable  was canceled by the network only to get reprieve when its replacement show failed to perform. The show will head into its third season this summer  But why was the Poppy Montgomery series renewed? It’s own by CBS. And network owned shows offer more financial benefit to the network because it’s an in-housed produced show. Unforgettable is a network owned show and that is one of the reasons why it was brought back.

Thursday, CBS announced 12 shows it was renewing for the 2014/2015 TV season and among the shows absent was The Mentalist. The Simon Baker show is owned and produced by WB, thus making it a more expensive show than its Sunday night partner, The Good Wife which is owned and produced by CBS. The Mentalist is in its sixth season, its already in syndication and the ratings have dropped 13 percent this season, thus making a prime candidate to find its Sunday night spot occupied by another show come fall.

What does this have to do with Castle you ask? A lot, actually. ABC owns and produces the series combined with its steady ratings, syndication profits, international sales and studio profits factor into a decision to move forward with the series for another year. The first-half ratings have insured Castle‘s fate for at least another year. Anything beyond that, however, will probably depend on how the show finishes out the season plus whether or not the leads want to continue with the series beyond season seven.

No one knows for sure what Castle‘s fate is beyond its seventh season. The actors are up on the contracts—the show could lose everybody but as long as it has Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion under contract for additional seasons, ABC could in theory continue the show.

In 2012, Nathan Fillion told Digital Spy that ending the series after six seasons would be good, but seven would be just as good. The one thing he did not want to see is the show die a slow death and be forced out. He would rather see the series go out on a high note. You can watch the full interview here.



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