Renewed through season 10, not likely


I was drinking my morning coffee and saw on the ABC boards that some asshat of a fan was saying that Castle has been renewed until season 10 based on what their friend told them who apparently was in the know. I know people in the know and this was news to them. Some fans make stuff up and get people worked up and then disappear when it all hits the fan. I hate liars, but I also hate fans who lie to other fans just for the sheer fun of it. And for the record, the negotiations to which this “fan” was referring to are often closed door and confidential. That said, either someone is lying or someone is breaking a NDA.

And for the record, Anne Sweeeny is leaving her post at ABC-Disney Television to pursue directing in television, not film. Sweeny’s departure is not until January 2015. If Paul Lee (the president of ABC Entertainment) was leaving then that would be a major shift in direction for the network. After all, Lee is the de facto fall guy for the network’s failures.

As I said last week about CBS’s renewal of The Big Bang Theory, Castle does not have the ratings strength to go beyond season seven. Why? The ratings are dropping and networks don’t renew shows based on their DVR ratings. That said, ABC would be committing financial suicide if they renewed a show that currently is under 2.0 and hovering around 10 million live viewers, even with its side revenue of the books. That’s compared to a show such as TBBT which has a 5.2 demo and just over 18 million. The CBS comedy generates millions more in revenue for the studio than Castle ever could over the course of its lifetime at ABC.

Unlike TBBT or even NCIS or about a dozen other hour-long procedurals, Castle lacks story development for its secondary characters. What do we really know about Lanie, Ryan, Esposito and Gates? We know next to nothing and that is because Andrew Marlowe and company decided to flesh out Beckett and Castle before looking at the secondary characters. We were told that we would get more backstories on the secondary characters. We have not. We were mislead about “Disciple” saying it was a Lanie-centric episode, it was not.

In order for Castle to move beyond season seven it has to have fully developed characters, all of the characters and not just the two leads. No one cares about the other characters—especially not in season six. Marlowe has had perfect opportunities along the way to relieve some of the pressure off the leads and give them some much needed rest by allowing the secondary characters to grow and develop. Instead, the focus has almost entirely been on Castkett.

The ratings are starting to show that even its main characters are starting to wear thin on viewers. With additional characters to get into, Castle is starting to fade slowly into the night. And no network is going to renew a show that is dropping in the ratings to another three years. There’s no economic benefit for the network in the long-run. The reason why Grey’s Anatomy has continued like it has is because it draws a bigger piece of the key demo, and shock—it has fully developed secondary characters. Rhimes did something right for her shows. It’s too bad that Marlowe felt his bread and butt rested with Castle and Beckett and not a group effort.





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