Where do we go from here


In typical fashion a whole lot of nothing

I’m always looking forward to interviews with Castle‘s creator, Andrew Marlowe. After all, I got more out of calculus than I do out of reading an interview with the show’s creator. One wonders why the media folk keep asking the man questions about where the show is going knowing full well he isn’t going to answer them. I often wonder why even gives interviews. But then I remember, he probably has to because the network demands he grant interviews every now and then to talk about the show.

In his most recent interview with Give Me My Remote, Marlowe talks about the wedding and a few other bits of (er, non bits) information about what to expect heading into the final batch of episodes.

I’m sill convinced that all these wedding planning is for show because at the last possible minute he’ll take a left turn and propel the story into some crazyland bit of storytelling that makes people go crazy and complain going into the hiatus.

Read the interview here.


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