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I’ve been MIA dealing with a lot personal issues. I’ve decided that I have had it with the “do-gooders” in the Castle fandom that continue to preach to other fans that if you don’t like the show then stop watching. That’s the most idiotic thing to say to a fan. Just because someone doesn’t like an aspect of the show or an episode doesn’t make them not a fan or not a real fan. I’ve seen so many people over the last few months throw out that “real fan” comment that I want to shove it up their butt.

And it’s worse when people that fans look to throw it out there.

There’s not a monopoly on how one should feel.

If someone “dislikes” an episode then they have EVERY FREAKING RIGHT IN THE WORLD to preach it just as much as those who like an episode.

Get over yourselves if you can’t handle people saying they dislike an episode. Better yet, you’re not any more a real fan than the people who you throw that stick at.

Always remember, when you call someone “not a real,” there’s three fingers pointing back at yourself.


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