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Review: The Greater Good


Hard to get into but at least we saw Gates reunite with her sister

When myself, my husband and my dog Ike cuddled up in bed to watch Castle last night, we had high hopes for this episode. It was talked about being a Gates episode (about time) and how it would some insight into who she is as a person. But soon and surely enough, this episode spiraled into something that I can even begin to describe exactly what it was. Almost immediately, save for the really cute (and adorable), Dr. Seuss rhyme, the episode derailed into the great abyss known as the TV show boredom. There’s a reason why the ratings have dropped this season and it is because of the extreme focus and zeroing on Caskett and off the beaten path stories combined with feeble attempts to create and develop backstories for characters that should have been done since day one.

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Review: In the Belly of the Beast

Beckett Goes Undercover

Beckett helps out the narc unit in what is sold as a routine undercover mission but it quickly turns deadly when she learns the people she’s supposed to meet think she’s a contract killer.

Beckett’s life is put into danger when a routine undercover mission goes awry

The March 3 episode was meant to explore Kate Beckett’s mythology. Instead, we were treated to yet another episode in the Johanna Beckett murder mystery. What offered the producers to a chance peel back more of Beckett’s character, ended up being another episode to expand the saga of Beckett and her quest for justice for her mother. Yawn!. From the very beginning, we were told that this would see people from her past—more like immediate past and not all that unexpected.

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